sinipigments sinipigments
Organic pigments
Used in solvent base ink
Used in water base ink
Used in offset ink
Mainly used in plastic
Mainly used in paint
Pearl Pigments
Chrome Yellow Pigments
Lead Chrome Yellow
Molybdate pigments
Anticorrosive pigments
HS Series
Titanium Dioxide
Other inorganic pigments
Ultramarine Blue
Chrome Oxide Green
Silicon Dioxide Aerogel
Fluorescent Pigments
Carbon Black
Zinc Phosphate
Aluminium Tripolyphosphate
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About Us
Sinopigments is dedicated to providing color users with a range of effect pigments incorporating excellent performance, stability and batch-to-batch consistency; backed by dedicated technical support and price competitiveness.

Whether for the coatings, plastics, printing inks, cosmetics, leather or construction industries, Sinopigments guarantees consistent results and unique effects. Depending on the perfect quality, technical support and the comprehensive services, Sinopigments will be your best cooperation partner.